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Automotive Storage in Naples Florida

Need to Store Your Car in Naples Florida?  For many performance and class car owners, car storage is a compromise between deserting your automobile in a storage unit who's facility was designed for cardboard boxes, not luxury automobiles.

Now, there’s a better solution.  The Vault of Naples offers Florida's performance automobile collectors the height of high-end luxury car care. Our concierge service can provide pick-up and drop off's of any sized vehicle, as well as white glove hand detailing, and long distance transportation logistics.  Our luxury, exotic, muscle, and classic car club will cater to the elite group of collectors looking to establish relationships with fellow enthusiasts.

Our proximity to the Naples Municipal Airport, Private Jet Center, and Naples Bay makes for easy accessibility to your vehicle by land sea, or air. vehicle storage option that serves the unique needs of exotic and class car collectors.  Just like your collector vehicle, quality and value live in the details.

The Vault of Naples has the right protection for your classic cars or exotic automobiles in a climate controlled, hurricane engineered facility in Naples Florida, where luxury vehicles are cared for in a way that best fits their needs.

The Vault's Car Storage Features:

CONCIERGE Trailer Pickup and Delivery Service:

Our concierge logistics service can provide pick-up and drop off's of any sized vehicle. Learn more

Climate Controlled Space:

Your vehicles are valuable, one of a kind or environmentally sensitive. Our climate controlled facility  keeps your collection in a constant regulated environment. This is not a vented shed. Learn more

Healthy Battery:

A healthy battery is important for classic, muscle and exotic cars. Our battery chargers have microprocessor controlled power electronic circuitry which enables it to perform and control a number of sophisticated charging functions of your luxury car.

Start and Run Service:

A performance car that has been sitting too long can easily be damaged by not following a proper start-up procedure.  We can take the right steps to ensure your car's engine is run regularly by industry professionals familiar with your vehicles needs.

AUTOMOTIVE Storage Maintenance:

Anyone who owns a exotic vehicle will tell you: Don't ignore vehicle storage maintenance.  We can take care of all your maintenance needs like, checking your oil, and checking your tire pressure, so it's ready to drive when you are in Naples. Learn more

Detailing Services:

We offer in-house paint restoration and detailing services to make sure your performance car looks awesome after storage and driving. Your vehicle will be detailed when it comes in, and when it goes out. 


Seriously, what good is a high-performance machine if it is not property stored and maintained?

What is the joy of having such an elite automobile if it is not at the apogee of it's peak performance and presentation? The Vault of Naples exclusive vehicle repository is the one-stop answer for all makes and models whether you are touring around in a Ferrari LaFerrari, or motoring in a remodeled 1967 VW bus. We offer the space, the security and the service you and your elite vehicle deserve. 

And yes, we also store luxury motorcycles.

We offer a host of car services to pamper your auto year round in Naples, giving you the ability to focus on your personal life and business affairs while we maintain your vehicle in Naples Florida. 

To reserve your secure car storage rental space now or to learn more about our services, call us at (239) 269 - 7713 or visit our home page for directions and maps.

Luxury Storage Facility for: Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, McLaren, Maserati, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Bugatti, Cadillac, Koenigsegg, Tesla, and more.