Ferrari Storage in Florida

Need to Store Your Ferrari?  For many Ferrari owners, car storage is a compromise between deserting your automobile in a storage unit who's facility was designed for cardboard boxes, not luxury automobiles.

Now, there’s a better solution.  The Vault offers Florida's performance automobile collectors the height of high-end luxury care. Our concierge service can provide pick-up and drop off's of any sized vehicle, as well as white glove hand detailing, and long distance transportation logistics.  

Our luxury, exotic, and classic car club will cater to the elite group of collectors looking to establish relationships with fellow enthusiasts.

5 Ferrari Storage Tips

Just like your Ferrari, quality and value live in the details.

1.  Concierge Pickup and Delivery:  Our concierge logistics services can provide pick-up and drop off of any sized vehicle.

2. Climate Controlled Space:  Your vehicle will be stored indoors in a cool, dry environment, and make sure that the vehicle is impeccably clean.

3. Storage Maintenance: Anyone who owns an exotic vehicle will tell  you: Don't ignore vehicle storage maintenance. We take care of all your maintenance needs like, checking your oil, and checking your tire pressure, so its ready to drive when you are in Naples.

4. Detailing Services: We offer in-house paint restoration and detailing services to make sure you performance car looks awesome after storage and driving.

5. Appreciation: We offer a host of car services to pamper your auto year round in Naples, giving you the ability to focus on your personal life and business affairs. 

To reserve your secure car storage rental space now or to learn more about our storage services, call us at (239) 269-7713 or visit our home page for directions and maps.

Information about Ferrari


Ferrari is a luxury sports car manufacturer based in Italy. They are known for their participation in Formula One racing. The Ferrari 458 Italia is a perfect example of the passion for racing that is evident in all Ferraris. A 4.5 liter V8 engine can produce 562 horsepower and send the car from 0-62 mph in 3.3 seconds, while the ceramic breaks require only 90 feet of room to bring the car to a complete stop. When it was introduced, the 458 Italia held the record for the highest output of horsepower per liter ever from a naturally-aspired piston gas engine in a production road car.

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