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Automotive Maintenance

Thinking about storing your vehicle in Florida? Cars have wheels for a reason, and thats because they need to be moved. Just because you might not plan on using your car for an extended period of time, doesn't mean it still does not need to be cared for.

When it comes to classic cars and exotic vehicles, they have to be maintained and cared for in a way that goes beyond daily maintenance of everyday cars.  Because a permanently parked car can be doomed if the corrosive process takes place.

The Vault of Naples will prepare and care for your high performance vehicle by adhering to standards not found in a normal storage facility.  Storing a vehicle is not as simple as just parking it.  

Full detail and inspection

You car is inspected and detailed when it comes in and detailed and inspected when it goes out.   


We will tend to your vehicles battery and electrical system by keeping it at the recommended level during storage.

Store Your Luxury Vehicle Correctly

Whether you are leaving for an extended vacation or business trip, you need to maintain your luxury vehicle correctly. The Vault of Naples will prevent any damage or issues such as dead batteries, and future costly repairs associated with un-properly storing vehicles for extended periods of time.

Our automotive storage maintenance program ensures your vehicle is road ready as soon as you get back!

We offer a host of car services to pamper your auto year round in Naples, giving you the ability to focus on your personal life and business affairs while we maintain your vehicle in Naples Florida. 

To reserve your secure car storage rental space now or to learn more about our services, call us at (239) 269 - 7713 or visit our home page for directions and maps.