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Storage Facility

The Vault of Naples was designed to be home to exotic sports cars, rare classic cars, muscle cars, prestigious luxury cars, and even motor-homes.  With over 50,000 square feet of climate controlled protection, our beautiful facility will offer the most protected storage for your vehicle alongside a fleet of the most desired luxury, exotic, and collector cars in the world.

First, we will store the vehicle indoors in a cool, dry environment, and make sure that the vehicle is impeccably clean. Think about how classic car collectors manage to keep vintage vehicles constantly in prime shape. An indoor setting is the ultimate protection.

Our facility has everything you would expect from a luxury auto storage facility, conveniently located in the heart of Naples, Florida

climate control

Our HV/AC system was meticulously designed to control the ambient air temperature and humidity to be ideal conditions for luxury vehicles. Our atmospheric conditions are maintained and tuned, if necessary by our staff, who control the the air handlers output using the latest technology in HVAC internet control systems.


Custom built drive in doors were designed to fit the needs of even the largest luxury vehicles.  No tight spaces or turns, we made room for all cars.


State of the art high security facility. Monitored 24/7. Choosing the best security monitoring service can offer you protection and peace of mind for your automobile. Compare our security monitoring features with other storage facilities. 


Centrally located in the heart of Naples, we are walking distance from the Naples Municipal Airport.

To reserve your secure car storage rental space now or to learn more about our services, call us at (239) 269 - 7713 or visit our home page for directions and maps.